About TMC

Tromsø Mine Victim Resource Center (TMC) is a medical action research center at the University Hospital of North-Norway. With partners, TMC form trauma systems – including care for mothers and newborns – in rural and remote areas in Iraq, Lebanon, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

TMC coordinates networks of thousands of trauma care providers in the South. TMC´s main aim is to develop new and evidence-based models for trauma care in the South.

All interventions are designed and implemented according to scientific standards.



Phantompain cured by mirrortreatment

  Victoria Langseth, a medical student in her second year, conducted a observational study among minevictims in Cambodia. Her study shows that mirrortreatment can cure phantom pain even decades after the injury. The article is in Norwegian. For more information... read more

Electrician course in Battambang, February 2014

February 10th to 13th 2014 Trauma Care Foundation Cambodia and TMC conducted their first class for maintenance personnel from 7 local hospitals in the Battambang province, Cambodia. The 22 participants were extremly dedicated students, allthough their backgrounds were... read more

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